Obtaining an E-1 Visa

General Information about E-1 Visa

The E-1 Treaty Trader visa is used by national of a country with which the United States has a commercial treaty, and who is coming to the U.S. solely to engage in trade of a substantial nature principally between the United States and the alien's country of nationality. The trade must be international exchange of goods or services between the U.S. and the treaty country

Eligibility requirements for E-1 Visa

Treaty Trader

  • You must be a national of a treaty country.

  • The trading firm for which you are coming to the U.S. must have the nationality of the treaty country.

  • The international trade must be "substantial" in the sense that there is a sizable and continuing volume of trade.

  • The trade must be principally between the U.S. and the treaty country, which is defined to mean that more than 50 percent of the international trade involved must be between the U.S. and the country of your nationality.

  • Trade means the international exchange of goods, services, and technology. Title of the traded items must pass from one party to the other.

  • You must be employed in a supervisory or executive capacity, or possess highly specialized skills essential to the efficient operation of the firm. Ordinary skilled or unskilled workers do not qualify.

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