Our firm has more than a half century of experience litigating issues in immigration courts. Attorney Roger Bernstein and his team, a former Assistant Federal Public Defender and Deputy District Council of INS. Her talents are complemented by Roger Bernstein, a former Asylum Officer and Prosecutor for INS.

Our litigation specialists use their considerable court room experience to vigorously defend our client's rights. When facing the prospect of deportation, you should settle for nothing less than an experienced team of professionals.

Our Services

  • Litigating waivers of inadmissibility and deportability before the Immigration Court and USCIS.
  • Litigating all forms of deportation relief such as cancellation of removal, hardship waivers, and political asylum.
  • Representing foreign nationals abroad in obtaining waivers for previous immigration violations.
  • Analyzing criminal conduct and pursuing termination of proceedings and vacating state criminal convictions.
  • Providing strategic litigation advice to maximize a foreign national's ability to remain in the United States in lawful status.
  • Negotiating plea agreements to avoid deportation and detention.
  • Representing clients at bond hearings to secure release from immigration detention.
  • Pursuing writs of mandamus to compel the government to act on delayed applications.
  • Defending constitutional right against unlawful detention through Habeas Corpus actions.
  • Preparing appeal briefs before the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) and Motions to Reopen before the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

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