Obtaining an R-1 Visa for Religous Workers

General information about R-1 Visas

The R-1 Religious Worker Visa is issued to individuals who are members of legitimate religious organizations in order for them to live and work legally in the United States in full-time salaried religious occupations.


Eligibility Requirements for R-1 Visas

R-1 visas can be obtained if the applicant has been a member of a legitimate religious denomination for at least 2 years prior to entry in the United States and is offered a full time salaried position in a religious occupation. R-2 visas can be obtained for accompanying relatives of the main applicant (R-1 visa holder). A R-1 visa holder may apply for a Green Card by filing an I-360 petition through their employer once they have been working in the United States for two years in a religious occupation.


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