Non-immigrant Visas

The Visas you need for working and/or living temporary in the U.S.

Your wish is to go and live in the US temporarily. You have access to about 20 Visas that may allow you to live and work here, depending on the reasons that bring you to this great country. You can come for business, tourism, health, temporary work…

You want to offer your family the opportunity to discover a new culture and the American Way of Life, a great education for your children and a secure place where they can grow peacefully? You are an athlete and want to train in Florida to improve your performances under our all-year-long sun? You are an entrepreneur and want to launch your new Startup in a fast paced ecosystem? There are so many reason to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

We have successfully taken care of 1,000s of people like youand helped them to achieve their dreams in the United States. Get in touch with us and let's see together which one of these visas could meet your expectations.

Investors & Entrepreneurs

Temporary Work


Athletes and Entertainers

Inter company Transferees

People with Extraordinary Abilities



Religious Workers

TN - Canadian & Mexican only

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